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“Loving your skin” Journey

Its been so many months since I have done an entry… I have been thinking about how Im turning 40 in a few short days!

Last year I tried to hide the fact that Im getting old. I wanted platinum hair, by my birthday because my hair is turning white. My hair is turning white!!!!!!! Can I say that again!!! So thinking maybe I will be blonde for a bit… I had never been blonde before. That went through my head. Wow was that a journey… Lol crazy how different people treat you just by the color of your hair. Well that can be good stories for later. I am very good at not seeing the reality but only the reality that I want I love that about me. I guess many people are like that. I wouldn’t go back in time, but would love to have the power from the girl on the craft, to turn my hair any color I wanted. Damn it! See I am movie referencing and I am showing my age lol. I am a very beautiful women. Thats prob taken me 40 years to say that and mean it! Sadly I am having reactions to hair color and I have to stop. Yes STOP COLORING MY HAIR, MY HAIR MY BEAUTIFUL HAIR! So I havent colored my hair since jan 27!!!! Yes i even know the day. PS I have colored my hair prob since i was 16 wow! Can you believe that? Ok ya ya ya so I know age is only a number, and u get wiser and all those things, but I want my BEAUTIFUL hair dark, lush, and seductive hair back! So I am going to go all natural, yes first time in so many years. This is so hard for me to talk about, I know so many people are going through hard things and mine is just hair! BUT THIS IS MY FEAR THAT I HAVE TO FACE. So here is my picture today. Looking like a porcupine lol. I have to go into a new chapter of my life 40, a new year, a new decade, a new girl with no hair color! Oh my gosh how am I going to live? I know you people think how can this girl be so concerned about her hair. I guess this is the one thing that I Fear. Not just 1 I have many more lol we will get to that later hehe.

“Loving Your Skin”Journey

So I thought we would start with one of the most important stressors for your skin. Smoking, this is a bad habit, however a great breathing exercise. (I don’t approve of smoking) but everyone can breath like a smoker does. Maybe everyone should get smoke breaks? This is very vital for everyone to take time out everyday to just go outside (where every you want) and take 5 min, relax, and breath.

Things you can try… breath through your tongue rather than a cigarette. Btw this breath is called a cooling breath, sitali breath, (the yoga term) stick your tongue out, try to make your tongue like a straw. Then breath in 5 seconds, hold 2 seconds then breath out through your nose. Living in Florida everyone needs to know the cooling breath.

Back to smoking, did you know that your cigarettes contains benzo a pyrene, this depletes the body’s vitamin C this is vital to form collagen. Collagen is the fibers that make up the skins support structure. So for everyone this means that if you smoke on a regular basis your skin will wrinkle faster than someone who doesn’t smoke. Best thing to do is just stop smoking and start breathing through your tongue when you get hot, or stressed. Just breath!❤️

“Loving Your Skin” Journey

“Hello I am so excited to start my journey with you. I am going to go on a “loving your skin” journey thats starting from the inside out. I am going to go over weekly: food, yoga, your skin, your body, and how it all works together! Loving your skin is going to be a big part. A loving Your skin journey is a plan on what you want! It all starts with you. Will today be your day to start your journey?