“Loving your skin” Journey

Its been so many months since I have done an entry… I have been thinking about how Im turning 40 in a few short days!

Last year I tried to hide the fact that Im getting old. I wanted platinum hair, by my birthday because my hair is turning white. My hair is turning white!!!!!!! Can I say that again!!! So thinking maybe I will be blonde for a bit… I had never been blonde before. That went through my head. Wow was that a journey… Lol crazy how different people treat you just by the color of your hair. Well that can be good stories for later. I am very good at not seeing the reality but only the reality that I want I love that about me. I guess many people are like that. I wouldn’t go back in time, but would love to have the power from the girl on the craft, to turn my hair any color I wanted. Damn it! See I am movie referencing and I am showing my age lol. I am a very beautiful women. Thats prob taken me 40 years to say that and mean it! Sadly I am having reactions to hair color and I have to stop. Yes STOP COLORING MY HAIR, MY HAIR MY BEAUTIFUL HAIR! So I havent colored my hair since jan 27!!!! Yes i even know the day. PS I have colored my hair prob since i was 16 wow! Can you believe that? Ok ya ya ya so I know age is only a number, and u get wiser and all those things, but I want my BEAUTIFUL hair dark, lush, and seductive hair back! So I am going to go all natural, yes first time in so many years. This is so hard for me to talk about, I know so many people are going through hard things and mine is just hair! BUT THIS IS MY FEAR THAT I HAVE TO FACE. So here is my picture today. Looking like a porcupine lol. I have to go into a new chapter of my life 40, a new year, a new decade, a new girl with no hair color! Oh my gosh how am I going to live? I know you people think how can this girl be so concerned about her hair. I guess this is the one thing that I Fear. Not just 1 I have many more lol we will get to that later hehe.