“Loving Your Skin”Journey

So I thought we would start with one of the most important stressors for your skin. Smoking, this is a bad habit, however a great breathing exercise. (I don’t approve of smoking) but everyone can breath like a smoker does. Maybe everyone should get smoke breaks? This is very vital for everyone to take time out everyday to just go outside (where every you want) and take 5 min, relax, and breath.

Things you can try… breath through your tongue rather than a cigarette. Btw this breath is called a cooling breath, sitali breath, (the yoga term) stick your tongue out, try to make your tongue like a straw. Then breath in 5 seconds, hold 2 seconds then breath out through your nose. Living in Florida everyone needs to know the cooling breath.

Back to smoking, did you know that your cigarettes contains benzo a pyrene, this depletes the body’s vitamin C this is vital to form collagen. Collagen is the fibers that make up the skins support structure. So for everyone this means that if you smoke on a regular basis your skin will wrinkle faster than someone who doesn’t smoke. Best thing to do is just stop smoking and start breathing through your tongue when you get hot, or stressed. Just breath!❤️